About: The Brand

'eco by eko' is a line of sustainable apparel mindfully designed by Emily Katherine Oliver.

Her designs take a minimalist approach: defining quality through luxury textiles and functionality. This philosophy revolves around key pieces, durable construction, and natural materials; the integrity to provide valuable goods to a mindful consumer. Each garment has a sense of ease and wearability, while still retaining uniqueness and individuality. She seeks to empower the modern woman through intuitive pieces with an elegant charm, using feminine shapes and sartorial simplicity to create style with substance.


About: The Designer

Emily Katherine Oliver is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati's School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. During her undergraduate studies she participated in UC's Cooperative Education program: meaning each semester alternated between class work and professional practice. Her internships have taken her from the Conan O'Brien Show, to corporations such as Lands' End and Michael Kors, to independent designers focused on sustainable fashion. Her work has been recognized by the Royal Society of Arts for a project focused on textile sustainability, as well as the Holzberger Family Humanitarian Foundation for sustainable initiatives, excellence in construction, and design creativity for her senior thesis capstone collection. Emily sees design thinking as a means to inspire synergy and solve problems, and hopes explore to this innovation throughout her career in apparel design.